1st sermon

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Everyone in this world must follow the human laws as well as religious laws.If we cannot even follow the human rules and regulations,then how are we going to venture further into spiritual laws?Obeying the human laws is the stepping stone in acquiring our basic principle,responsibility and integrity in life.Without these three tenets of morality,we cannot proceed any further in cultivating our spirituality.

Of course,many would stress that they understand their actions and wrong-doings and they know the correct ways of doing things but where are their exemplary virtues?It is hard to believe that we are wise enough to choose the correct paths when most of us are going the wrong routes of selfishness and inconsiderate acts.Therefore,it is fervently hoped that we come to a point of realisation together and tell others to follow along this path of correctness. It is very simple yet in today’s generation, it has become a long-lost track in our society.

One of the most important step we need to adhere is the good manner of greeting people whenever we meet them.It is simple but no longer a common feature in our generation today.Parents need to teach their young ones to be obedient,have courtesy and politeness.This will mould them to have a strong sense of perseverance and patience when they come out to face the working class population.

Respect to our parents and guardians play the most vital part of responsibility in our life.Our treatment towards our parents or guardians will reflect how far our responsibility is.We should never shower our love to them through accommodating them with luxurious mansions or houses,employing maids to attend to their needs and finally,providing good financial contributions.This is in no way reflect any sincerity in taking care our parents or guardians.This is the very improper way of reciprocating our love and care for them.

The ability to reimburse our gratitude towards our parents or guardians lies in our willingness to sacrifice,endurance of suffering and the patience to give them back our hospitality.This is where the crucial period in showing how much we can forgo our time,effort and money to attend to their needs.

If we could do this challenging task of according proper respect to our parents and guardians,then automatically, we will be gifted the power of love to radiate into others,the kind-heartedness to share with other less fortunate people and the compassionate heart to reduce the sufferings of all sentient beings.

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