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Generally, most Buddhists are already mindset and they only practise  formalities in following the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Right from the beginning, most of the religious leaders and teachers  as well as spiritual masters are engrossed with raising funds for more magnificent temples or renovations of more splendid temples without ever realising temples are actually meant for spreading dharma teachings, sharing of spiritual knowledge in meditations and chanting devotional services to enhance protection of devotees. It is also not a showcase for anyone to see the beauty of the temple but  the only significance is the temple’s contributions of services to the people.

This booklet is intended to share the knowledge of what every Buddhist or laities should know about the practical and necessary cultivations of our Blessed One as well as Amitabha Buddha’s teachings.

It outlines simple and easy-to-understand ways of enhancing our spiritual growth to success through down-to-earth practicing concepts. It is hoped that those who read this booklet will gain some form of inner knowledge and wisdom to purify the mind and body to attain higher realms of sainthood abodes.

This booklet is able to untie our source of obstructions and predicaments, which lead to today’s world of untold miseries and sufferings. All over the world are presently experiencing the wraths of nature such as landslides, floods, earthquakes, tsunami and strong winds of typhoon.

While it is beyond the power of mankind to contain all these natural disasters, it is not helpless to show to mankind how to pass through the disaster in the event of  the disaster to appear in our region through our concerted effort of practising spiritual training (Hokkien word:siew heng) as well as spiritual cultivation (Hokkien word:siew lian).

All is not lost when both the Blessed One and Amitabha Buddha have given instructions to guide us to save through these three impending disasters by foreseeing the needs to start having spiritual training as well as spiritual cultivation.

These posts should be read, studied and practised as soon as possible.


Three world disasters

Vitality of correct spiritual practice

Final step to successful spiritual cultivation

It is fervently hoped with true intent that these posts are able to throw some light on ways to fend ourselves from being washed away innocently from any of these three oncoming disasters. We do not believe our life is fated to die or remain alive in these disasters and ignore any effort to uplift our mind and body to be worthy of saving through this coming disaster. Remember, no God would ever lift a finger to save us if we are corrupted, immoral, disrespectful, lazy, selfish and have ill-will in our character.

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