Is There Life After Death?

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Is there life after death?” “What happens to the soul when someone dies?” “Is there proof of life after death?” In life, you may have heard of the above questions being thrown or asked around, or perhaps you may have wondered about the afterlife at some point of living in the world, especially when youContinue reading “Is There Life After Death?”

The Hindrances of A Successful Cultivation

Reading Time: 5 minutes Whenever we dwell into our spiritual training or cultivation, little is known that we will have to undergo the same equal obstacles and hindrances into our journey of purifying our mind, heart and body. The way to tread our golden path of enlightenment is always filled with hidden adversaries and predicaments which will deviate ourContinue reading “The Hindrances of A Successful Cultivation”

3 Basic Traits to Begin Cultivating Spirituality Successfully

Reading Time: 5 minutes “How to cultivate spirituality successfully as beginners?” We often hear this question among the Buddhist laities, even among those who have been following Buddhism for decades. While this seems to be a simple question, in truth, it takes a few “ingredients” to actually begin cultivating spirituality successfully. In this article, we will touch on theContinue reading “3 Basic Traits to Begin Cultivating Spirituality Successfully”

The Benefits of Sacrifice

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sacrifice is a word that is easy to say but difficult to do in real life. Worse, some people think they are doing a great act of sacrifice for others but in actual fact, their actions are just a reflection of their foolish assumptions and thoughts that brings little to no benefits. In this benefitsContinue reading “The Benefits of Sacrifice”

Beginner’s Guide to Jhanas – The Telltale Sign of A Successful Cultivation

Reading Time: 5 minutes The word “Jhanas” may be familiar to some Buddhist laities yet the chapter on Jhanas may be one of the most elusive knowledge in knowing whether one has achieved a fruitful training. Most of the times we are unsure of our ripening stage of cultivation after years and years of practices. Many Buddhists have noContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Jhanas – The Telltale Sign of A Successful Cultivation”

Attachment, The Greatest Hindrance To Our Cultivation

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Attachment is the cause of suffering.” Many a times, Buddhists hear of such a statement, and typically nod in agreement. However, knowing the cause of suffering is one thing – working towards eradicating the root cause is a totally different story altogether. And most of the time, we all agree it’s easier said than done.Continue reading “Attachment, The Greatest Hindrance To Our Cultivation”

The Essence of Contentment

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Oh, I am satisfied with what I have now.” “Well, I don’t need much to live on these days. I’m contented with what I have now.” You commonly hear the people around us, especially those advancing in age mentioning such statements. At a glance, you would have thought these people are contented but in actualContinue reading “The Essence of Contentment”