What Is Spiritual Vibration and How It Affects Our Life

Reading Time: 7 minutes You may have learnt about vibration in science, but did you know vibration actually affects many aspects of our life? Also known as qi or chi, vibration or more specifically termed, spiritual vibration, is divided into good and bad vibrations, and having the correct knowledge of vibration may help you navigate and resolve obstacles happeningContinue reading “What Is Spiritual Vibration and How It Affects Our Life”

A Natural Path to Cultivation

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to the chapter of spiritual cultivation, many Buddhists often have the misconception that they need to ditch their everyday activities and focus solely on all things spiritual such as chanting and meditation. In actual fact, this is NOT what we mean by a natural path to cultivation! Let’s explore more on whatContinue reading “A Natural Path to Cultivation”

The Reality of Living

Reading Time: 7 minutes Have you ever sat down and ponder about the reality of living? Of how some people are born with great skills and talents yet blame their misfortunes on God or fate? Or how many people are living in this world without motivation, enthusiasm or determination in life, only living day to day without any senseContinue reading “The Reality of Living”

Understanding and Maintaining A Good State of Mind

Reading Time: 5 minutes “It’s all a state of the mind.” You may have come across or heard this phrase being mentioned countless times in times of hardship or during your coffee sessions with friends and family. It does sound easier said than done – yes, hardships are temporary and how we overcome them depends on how well weContinue reading “Understanding and Maintaining A Good State of Mind”

The Mundane World vs The Non-mundane Sphere

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever wondered about how monotonous our human life can be, living day to day? We start and end our days with about the same kind of mundane tasks and activities, and sometimes, we will think about our true purpose in this mundane world and even let our thoughts linger on things like theContinue reading “The Mundane World vs The Non-mundane Sphere”

Understanding The Meaning of Cause and Effect in Buddhism

Reading Time: 6 minutes As a Buddhist, there are times when you have heard of Buddhist monks preaching and other people talking about cause and effect. You’ve probably heard the word “Karma” being thrown around countless times in life, and probably pondered about the actual meaning of the term at least once. So what is Cause and Effect andContinue reading “Understanding The Meaning of Cause and Effect in Buddhism”

The Significance of Wesak Day

Reading Time: 5 minutes Wesak Day is one of the important events celebrated by Buddhists all over the world. Also called as Vesak Day or Vesak (also 佛诞 or 卫塞节 for Vesak Day in Chinese word) in short, this Buddha festival is a happening occasion, with many Buddhists visiting temples to pay their respect to the Buddha and performContinue reading “The Significance of Wesak Day”

How Cheng Beng Festival, A Tomb Sweeping Day For The Chinese, Came To Be

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Cheng Beng Festival, also spelt as Ching Ming Festival or Qingming Festival (清明节 in English), is regarded as one of the most important occasions for the Chinese community. You may have heard of it being called as Qinming, or sometimes Cheng Meng, but in this article, we will refer to the festival as ChengContinue reading “How Cheng Beng Festival, A Tomb Sweeping Day For The Chinese, Came To Be”