Be prepared in anticipation of Three World Disasters

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Matreiya Bodhisattva has already descended to this world, preaching the basic requirements of spiritual training and cultivation of oneself in preparation for the cleaning up of this world population.

Many Buddhists especially those old mind-set Devotees would always dispute the arrival of Matreiya Bodhisattva, claiming it was written in Buddhist scriptures that Matreiya Buddha would appear 5’000 years later after the departure of the Lord Buddha. Remember, we are mentioning Matreiya Bodhisattva, not Matreiya Buddha.

After 500 years later, upon the passing of the Lord Buddha, we recalled there was a Sangha council of the first meeting, which deliberated there were some unscrupulous followers trying to amend some of the Buddhist scriptures. Today, it will not be surprising after more than 2’500 years, no one is able to stop those selfish Buddhists leaders and followers from re-editing and amending all these sacred teachings.

Indeed, it is high time mankind must learn the meaning of contented living, whereby if there’s anything that does not belong to us, we should never greedily take it or amend it and restructured it to become our own possession. Human foolishness can only be exonerated by own self destruction of properties and lives through landslides, typhoons, hurricanes, heat waves, profound flooding and finally tsunami in  order to learn the true hardships and sufferings. Only then will they learn nothing in this world is permanent but they are all illusions.

In the midst of dimness, there will still be some light of hope left for people who are willing to start listening to all the steps of precaution and prevention of being washed away into the realm of no return.

In times of emergencies, everyone will rush to the nearest exits to save themselves from perishing but not in this event of clearing up process. If anyone wishes to remain safe from this impending disaster, then they must carefully take note of the necessary requirements to cleanse and protect oneself from these oncoming disasters through correct spiritual training and right cultivation of their lives.

Remember, God will save those who learn to save themselves first.

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