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Lahad Datu is an area in Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia. This city has tourist attractions that you can visit. Panorama at Lahad Datu can make you more relaxed and fresh. There are also various exciting activities in Lahad Datu that you can do, such as hiking. Also, there are many choices for accommodation in Lahad Datu the moment you get to your best destination in Lahad Datu.

If you’re from Kinabalu to Lahad Datu or other places and want to take a vacation in Lahad Datu, check out this article for a list of recommended tourist destinations. You can book your flight from Kinabalu to Lahad Datu or other flights, like a flight to Kota Bharu, with Traveloka.

Best Destination in Lahad Datu

Here’s a list of recommended destinations in Lahad Datu:

1. Taliwas River Conservation Area

The Taliwas River Conservation Area is a famous Lahad Datu camping site. This place is often visited by tourists who want to camp, swim in the river, and more. Besides being recognized as a camping spot, the Taliwas River Conservation is also popular for its waterfalls. Here, you can enjoy the fresh waterfalls and swim there.

Another exciting activity at Taliwas River Conservation is trekking through the forest. This place is perfect for tourists who like adventure in nature.

2. Menara Kayangan

Menara Kayangan - Recommended Best Destination in Lahad Datu Malaysia - Poh Ern Si Penang

Menara Kayangan is an interesting place to visit because of the beautiful view of the ocean in Lahad Datu, which can be enjoyed from the top of the hill. Visitors to this tourist destination must hike first to get the best view. Even so, the track here is not difficult. Many photographers come to Kayangan Tower to get the beautiful natural scenery.

3. Bukit Klasik

Bukit Klasik is an exciting place that can be visited by tourists who like outdoor activities. This hill in Lahad Datu requires visitors to hike for 40 minutes to reach the top. However, tourists walking at Bukit Klasik must prepare their stamina and equipment because the track is tricky. Even so, you will be presented with a beautiful panorama after being on the hill.

4. Payang Beach Lahad Datu

Not only activities in the hills, but you can also go to the beach when you are on vacation to Lahad Datu, namely Payang Beach Lahad Datu. This is a beach that is always crowded on the weekend. You can do many activities at Payang Beach Lahad Datu, such as swimming, swinging on the beach, or just relaxing.

5. W Bay Payang

W Bay Payang Lahad Datu - Recommended Best Destination in Lahad Datu Malaysia - Poh Ern Si Penang
Credit: Kah Seng Aw

The next beach you can visit while in Lahad Datu is W Bay Payang. This is a beach with breathtaking views, especially for the sunset. You can take your family to visit this place. W Bay Payang presents many exciting activities, such as a banana boat, swimming in the sea, and many more. Your vacation with your family will be delightful and unforgettable when you visit this place.

6. Silam Coast Conservation Area

Silam Coast Conservation Area (SCCA) is the next interesting place to visit. To go to this place, you must cross the sea by boat. In the Silam Coast Conservation Area, you can do many exciting activities, such as camping, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more. The scenery in this place is also magnificent, especially at sunset and sunrise. 

This is the right place for those of you who want to take a vacation in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

These are a series of tourist destinations that you can visit in Lahad Datu. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and relax to calm your mind from busy work. Plan your best trip from Kinabalu to Lahad Datu only with Traveloka.

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