How to Build Spiritual Protection to Protect Our Life

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In ancient times, there wasn’t much need to build spiritual protection to protect our own lives. At that time, the atmosphere of living was cordial, the world condition was serene and the accommodation at home was ideal and free from any danger and mishap.

However, the times have changed; the need to protect ourselves physically and spiritually has become extremely important in today’s world. This article will address the reason behind the importance and how you can naturally build your spiritual protection through your own effort so that you can live a smoother life in today’s rather turbulent world condition.

Understanding The Various Stages of Earth World

In the olden days, population was sparse in number and the living situation was calmer and more peaceful. The streets were safe to walk about and everywhere people go, they were generally free from any misadventure and invisible harm.

This is because the olden days that we know were under the era of Red Stage, where everything was moving in transition over the earlier Green Stage, which was also the best stage as it consisted of purely natural and original way of smooth living. This Red Stage commenced right after the end of the Green Stage, and the degeneration of society and the world in the Red Stage was intermediate in effect. The comfort of living was still intact and things were still in good shape, although not as great as what the Green Stage once was.

However, this Red Stage did not last long and at the beginning of our twentieth century, the White Stage, also known to be the Age of Kali, set in and gradually began to terminate all the good atmosphere of our Earth world.

Kali Yuga - How to Build Spiritual Protection to Protect Our Life - Poh Ern Si Penang Buddhist Blog
A depiction of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness. Source:

The White Stage, also referred to as Kali Yuga or dark age, denotes the period of whitewashing of our earthly living conditions. This whitewashing period signifies the vanishing of all good living atmosphere and the undergoing of all disasters, calamities, famine, and disease infections, including the growing presence of invisible spirits unknowingly eliminating our lives.

These invisible spirits come from all walks of humans aspects notably the lowly uneducated people, the lowly immoral people and those self-proclaimed atheists and free thinkers. Sadly, these groups of people are mostly the ones who dabbled in the rearing of evil spirits and invisible monsters. Almost all of them become black magicians and evil sorcerers in this world, whereby their bad motives are to destroy human lives due to jealousy, ill will and hatred.

And it is because of these ever-growing invisible spirits in this White Stage era, that each one of us must protect ourselves spiritually to avoid being greatly affected by these invisible forces.

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How to Build Spiritual Protection Naturally By Yourself

We know that spiritual protection is important in today’s world but how should we go about building this sort of positive protection to maintain a smooth and peaceful life? How does spiritual protection work actually?

The best proper ways to create spiritual protection upon yourself is to practice daily incantations of protective sutras and mantras, as well as perform your chanting along with the use of rosary prayer beads.

This spiritual protection is in the form of invisible power accessible by us through our constant chanting of sutras and mantras daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. It may seem like a simple task, but the power of incantations is not to be underestimated when it comes to granting us the spiritual protection we need.

Doing Protection Sutras and Mantras Chanting

So what are the sutras and mantras that we should be chanting to gain such protection? The basic daily chanting should consist of mainly the three potent sutras: Mangala Sutta (Discourse on Blessings), Ratana Sutta (Discourse on Triple Gems) and Karaniya Metta Sutta (Discourse on Loving-Kindness). These protection sutras should be supplemented lastly with Maha Jayamangala Sutta.

On top of that, these Theravada sutras should also be complimented along with Mahayana mantras and sutras namely, Da Bei Zhou as we call it (白衣大士神咒 or some call it 白衣观音大士灵感神咒) and Tai Pee Chum (大悲忏). Once a month, we should also chant Phu Men Phin (妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品) by Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin to enhance our reflection on life. These important sutras and mantras of protection should be a norm in our daily chanting.

One important thing to note is that, all these incantations of sutras and mantras must be conducted with a calm mind and steady heart. Otherwise, we will never be able to receive the power of protection onto us, as an unconcentrated and indecisive mind will deflect all these powers of protective mantras and sutras.

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Using Prayer Beads Rosary in Daily Chanting

The best way to constantly protect ourselves against all evil forces and bad spirits is to inculcate the habit of using prayer rosary. Normally, Buddhist rosaries are made up of 108 beads for big ones while smaller ones typically consist of 21 beads only.

Rosaries tend to be made in various forms using different materials of origin. Some prayer beads are made from crystals while others are strung up with decorative beads. The best ones are made of sandalwood, however, it is not easy to find the sandalwood type of prayer beads as many rosaries available in the market are often made of artificial wooden beads.

Rosaries are sacred in nature and in order to use rosaries properly, you will need a good spiritual teacher or excellent master to anoint the beads. This way the rosaries are imbibed with powerful forces of good spiritual vibration which will then enhance our protective power onto our body when we chant all sutras and mantras onto these beads.

Whenever we chant any mantras or sutras onto these rosaries, we need to flip each bead during the chanting while holding the prayer beads with both our hands to complete the circle. Each mantra or sutra will need to complete the whole round of 108 beads on the rosary. When we have flipped all the 108 beads, then we have completed the respective sutra or mantra.

After years and years of incantations of sutras and mantras onto the rosary, we will finally perceive the protective power of strong vibrating energy emanating from the rosary. This is the best part of our positive step in neutralizing all evil forces or bad spirits inflicting on us.

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Common Pitfalls and Misconceptions on Spiritual Protection

While there are many protective sutras and mantras around, it is rather unfortunate to observe that very few people truly understand and acknowledge the effectiveness of achieving the power of protective mantras and sutras. This is due to the lack of knowledge on using these sutras and mantras plus the lack of awareness of all these important sutras and mantras that can help build spiritual protection upon us.

In fact, what we should do is always visit good temples that have good cultivation abbots and seek their advice on the important aspects of daily incantations for our protection purposes. All these important sutras and mantras chanting will be the only way to ward off evil spirits and not be easily jinxed by charm masters or evil doers.

Lack of Faith

However, it is common to see a lot of people today are either an atheist, a free thinker or a Buddhist or other religious follower who holds a very superficial belief towards religion. This situation will not welcome the important usage of daily chanting of sutras and mantras to protect themselves against any evil spirits or charm masters, thus further contributing to the vicious cycle of increasing invisible spirits and declining interest in practicing sutras and mantras chanting.

We should always remember the basic structure of living is that, there is no such thing as doing nothing yet you can get something without spending any effort or resource. We need to do something constantly in order to effect a good result, meaning to say, we need to begin practicing daily chanting in order to harvest the effectiveness of our daily incantations in the form of spiritual protective aura.

Buying Amulets for Protection

Amulets - How to Build Spiritual Protection to Protect Our Life - Poh Ern Si Penang Buddhist Blog
Good amulets cannot be bought from any shops but must be given out naturally by temple abbots or spiritual masters.

Unfortunately, instead of gaining spiritual protectiveness through their own sheer effort and strong faith, the younger generation of people today would resort to buying amulets to ward off evil spirits or charm master’s spells, which is hypothetical.

In the first place, all good amulets cannot be bought at any shops as commercialization defeats the sanctity power of the amulets. Any amulets needed must be naturally given by temple abbots or spiritual masters subject to the affinity of the amulets and yourself. If there is no fate or destiny to you, then the amulet will not be given to you.

Another important aspect is that any amulet given to you must be accompanied with the respective sutra or mantra for daily incantations to maintain the power of the amulets to continuously protect the wearer. This is important to ensure the power of the amulet is forever intact.

Otherwise, if we wear the amulet without any sutra or mantra incantations, then the amulet’s power will decrease and eventually become a powerless fashion accessory. This is the secret recipe for wearing an amulet correctly.

Unfortunately, with our modern lifestyle of wanting fast results, instant success and rapid development, there will be hardly any time to adjust our tight schedules to accommodate our time to perform some incantation of sutra or mantra onto our amulets. Eventually, we will be wearing a hollow amulet without any effective protective power at all, and this is happening rampantly nowadays.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the most effective protection is within ourselves, not from the outside. A good analogy is that, it is bad to solely depend on charity for our survival or living – we need to work independently for ourselves and be financially supportive on our own.

Likewise, we cannot merely depend on the amulet’s power for spiritual protection and support to protect us. Instead, we need to constantly practice the incantations of sutras and mantras daily in the morning and evening to build our own protection along with frequent reflection, pondering on the reality of living and lastly contemplation.

All these positive actions will help ease our mind towards calmness, serenity and having a steady heart. Gradually, this will develop insight and ultimately wisdom of knowledge and power within us, which will then guide us on the proper things to do in life. This is the proper way to develop our protection against all external forces of evil power and black magical spells.

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