How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

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In our living world and at home, everything surrounding us produces energy and vibration. All these energies and vibrations could be either good or bad, which depends on our living conditions and habits of our behaviour.

And sometimes, our home could be affected by negative energy, and there are several reasons for that to happen. Whether our living conditions will create a negative effect or our habitual characters will foster bad vibrations, will be determined by our attitude or outlook in life.

If that is the case, how to identify symptoms of negative energy at home? We will cover the topic in detail below.

A Good House Does Not Signify A Good Home

beautiful house - How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home - Buddhism blog

Many people generally live in a good house but not a good home, while others having a good home may not necessarily have a good house. While it may seem like common knowledge, in actual fact, many people do not realize owning a nice house with beautiful decorations and good quality furniture does not equate to having a good home.

This implies that most people live comfortably in a good and nice house but lack family warmth and care, whereas those who do have a warm and loving family oftentimes are unable to stay in a good, beautiful shelter. It is rare that we could have both good house with warm family at home; those who do possess both are truly blessed.

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Common Causes of Bad Negative Energy in the House

Gloomy house interior Common Causes of Bad Negative Energy in the House - How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home - Buddhism blog

Of course, there is a reason for things to happen, including the reason why your home may have bad, negative energy, also known as bad qi or chi. Some of the popular and common reasons why your house may be filled with bad qi:

  • Having black or dark furniture and decor: Decorating your house with black, dark blue or dark brown floor tiles, gloomy dark curtains, dark walls and dull-coloured furniture are some of the common causes of bad vibration or negative energy.

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  • Wearing or keeping unanointed amulets or amulets that are not genuine: This is actually one of the most common mistakes made by those who are curious and oblivious to the proper ways of wearing amulets. It is this ignorance and blind belief that tend to invite negative qi into the home.
  • Bringing back foreign items that are infested with bad energy: Another common scenario seen in society, many people are unaware that bringing home articles and things such as black cute pebbles or decorative paintings and statues that are already infested with bad energy will destroy the good, positive atmosphere at home. Even an unanointed rosary or prayer beads may spread unwanted bad energy.
  • Altering or renovating the house on inauspicious dates: Doing alteration of the house without consulting the ideal date of renovation is also a contributing factor to bad energy atmosphere of the house.
  • Having family members who practice cult or sect power staying in the same house: The unexpected presence of any family members practicing cult or sect power will eventually create bad energy at home.
  • Being thrown bad spells or charms into the house by wicked people: This is also pretty common in the world today. A person’s house could also suffer from bad energy if one encounters someone who is quick to feel slighted and decides to cast a bad spell or charm onto the house due to being offended by one’s remark, or out of envy and jealousy of one’s status.
  • Living in a building that is built upon the land that was once a graveyard of the Japanese soldiers who died during the Japanese Occupation: These deceased Japanese soldiers’ spirits have had their minds conditioned to continue fighting despite the war being over, so their presence will create a terribly negative energy.

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How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home?

A lady sitting at home - How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home - Buddhism blog

In order to detect any bad energy at home, it is necessary to uplift ourselves with good habits and correct attitudes in our living before we can identify any bad vibration at home. It may sound like a simple thing to do yet we observe many people, especially the younger generations, could not follow through our guidance given on the things that make up good habits and correct attitude.

So what are the important good habits that we should practice to help us have some ability to detect bad chi at home? These good habits include having proper time for bed, avoiding smoking and drinking, ideal time to eat our meals, proper rest and going for daily exercises in the park or garden. Meals should be of a balanced diet nature and not more than three meals a day.

These are all important basic requirements to possess and achieve in our daily routine before one could learn to access the intuition of acknowledging whether our home is cordial in atmosphere or having unharmonious vibration. Through intuition, one will be able to know how to tell if there is negative energy in your home.

When we have learnt and practiced our life to live with simple necessities, bare needs and humble yet decent accommodation, we will gradually build up a comfort zone of self-satisfying needs and contentment in outlook. This will then pave the natural way to achieve our natural instinct and intuition to detect bad energy in the house.

When we have been living with all simple needs and basic necessities from young, we tend to develop an inner instinct and intuition in our mind. This is because when our mind of young tender age are at the greatest absorption of good exposures and ideal experiences, we will rapidly grow the power of natural instinct and intuition, hence developing our ability to detect any presence of bad energy at home.

Even though it is best to start young, it is not too late to begin adopting a healthier lifestyle and simpler living to gradually lay a good foundation towards gaining natural instinct and intuition to detect negative energy in house.

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How to Create A Home With Good Positive Energy?

Clean and neat house - How to Identify Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home - Buddhism blog

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to having a home with good, positive qi.

To begin with, it is common knowledge that nothing comes from nothing. We need to do something in order to create another thing we want in life.

For instance, we need to buy and install a fan in order to relieve the hot atmosphere at home. Similarly, we could create a good atmosphere of living at home by putting up some positive actions.

So what are the things we can do to create that positive vibe and energy in our living space?

One of them is having a good upkeep of our living atmosphere where our house is clean and bright everywhere. When our house is always clean and bright, we create an atmosphere of good vibration and shiny reflection. This will help thwart any bad energy at home.

In knowing the cause and the presence of all bad energy inviting items or actions at home, one must rectify these unwanted vibrations at home. This can be done by either engaging a good genuine spiritual master or teacher to neutralize the bad effect of the unwanted energy.

Another effective but costly way is by demolishing the rooftop of the house to allow the good positive sunshine into the entire house for 7 days. This will then destroy the bad energy at home and rejuvenate the whole atmosphere of good vibration of your living space.

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It is very unfortunate that in this millennium years of sophisticated innovative technologies, many parents are too busy and preoccupied with all sorts of electronic gadgets that the upbringing of their children are absent of informal education at home where the basic importance of good manner, respect, obedience and kindness are defective in their characters.

The end result of these unguided children is the undesirable state of addiction to smoking, being heavy drinkers, lazy workers, having filthy behavior and involving in all kinds of illicit trades. When the mind is polluted with negative actions and remains unsteady, it will never be within reach of acquiring the ability to sense any unwelcome presence of bad energy at home.

Instead, these children themselves when grown up will become the liability of attracting more bad energy at home. This is why we always stress upon the importance of good parenting – parents must be responsible for providing good informal education to their children so as to prevent the possibility of their own flesh and blood to be the very reason for inviting bad, negative energy into the home.

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