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In the modern hustle and bustle, stress has become a familiar presence for many. The continual pressures of work, family, and daily obligations frequently result in feelings of being overwhelmed and fatigued by those activities. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a life free from the grips of stress, where each day is filled with calmness and contentment. But how to live a stress free life, you ask?

This article will explore practical and effective strategies to help you achieve a stress-free lifestyle, allowing you to embrace each day with a sense of peace and well-being.

Why Am I Stressed in Life?

A man feeling stressed from work - How to live a stress free life - Buddhist temple Penang

Before we talk about stress relief solutions, it is important to understand and be aware of the root cause of your stress. Some forms of common origins of stress include:-

Stress from Work

Work-related stress is often a result of our daily overload and overtime, as we strive to meet demanding production schedules. This constant pressure can lead to mental exhaustion and inner tension as we grapple with overwhelming tasks.

Roles like sales personnel and managers often face great stressful challenges, such as meeting sales targets by conducting numerous demonstrations for potential clients to ensure a high percentage of successful closed sales. This continuous demand for demonstrations places individuals at risk of experiencing significant stress.

Stress from Studies

Another common source of stress is experienced during high school or university studies, where the volume of material to learn can be overwhelming. Without careful planning and pacing of our study schedule, students may find themselves rushing to complete assignments or study for exams at the last minute, leading to significant stress and mental strain.

Stress from Meeting Family and Relationship Expectations

Stress from family and relationships can stem from various sources, such as conflicts, financial pressures, or caregiving responsibilities. Interpersonal tensions and disagreements within the family unit can contribute to great emotional strain and stress, more so compared to work or study stress.

This kind of stress could be from managing the demands of familial obligations and relationships, especially when coupled with money problems, can significantly impact one’s mental well-being.

Furthermore, the responsibility of providing care for family members, such as taking care of aging parents or parenting young children, can lead to heightened stress levels.

Conflicts arising from love relationships with spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend will also cause the heart and emotions to be greatly disturbed.

When one is faced with these kinds of tension, this gradually forms stress in our mind. In our world of advanced science and innovative technology, these various forms of stress are easily aroused in our daily life, which then becomes harmful to our mental health in the long run.

Negative Risks and Effects of Stress

A lady having insomnia at night - How to live a stress free life - Buddhist temple Penang

Stress is always unbeneficial to our human body for many reasons, such as:

  • it impedes our thoughts of calmness and tranquility in our mind
  • it may cause us to suffer from stroke and make us suddenly hospitalized over a period of time if we are not careful
  • it may lead us to experience insomnia at night, interrupting our sleeping pattern and affect our proper rest
  • it may cause us to fall sick and break down in health easily, since we are unable to have proper rest from too much stress
  • it may also lead us to suffer from constipation as too much unrest at night will cause our human body to be more acidic in nature – constipation is one of the leading causes of cancer and this circumstance should be avoided at full cost

How to Live A Stress Free Life?

Go for Regular Physical and Mental Exercises

A group of people doing tai chi exercise - How to live a stress free life - Buddhist temple Penang

One of the easiest means to prevent stress and maintain a stress-free living is to go for regular morning exercise such as a morning walk or performing tai chi or qi gong. Playing chess or board games in the evening is also another good option to be less stressful.

Unfortunately, many people have very little time to perform morning walks or exercises as too much time is spent being preoccupied with their work. It is also a wrong assumption and too late to think that one could start doing morning exercises upon retirement age as time waits for no man on how to be stress free.

Any time, stress will come our way if we are not careful of our proper time management. We should not wait for things like stress free living to magically happen – instead, we should create things to happen to avoid all the misfortunes coming our way, since our negligent attitude towards how to have a stress free life is the culprit that creates all these predicaments in the first place.

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Do Short Pondering and Contemplation After Prayers

An elderly lady doing pondering and contemplation after prayers - How to live a stress free life - Buddhist temple Penang

Another avenue of avoiding stress is to perform daily morning and evening prayers with a short pondering and contemplative session upon our finishing prayers.

When our work accumulates day by day, our mind becomes more tensed, which then causes our mind to feel stressed over time, making us unable to become a stress free person. We must always untie and unwind our mind for the day with consistent action of relaxing our mind, which is through constant pondering and contemplation.

This pondering and contemplation session is effective to release the tension from our mind. The contemplative session can be done through recollection of soft, soothing music such as piano-based music or orchestra type of music. You can also reflect on your golden periods or wonderful experiences of living.

This how to be less stressed way will help to enliven our thoughts to a light and easy moment, and subsequently ease our tension of stress.

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Learn to Manage and Relieve Stress Before It’s Too Late

Today, many people are too unaware of the consequences of stress. Many do not even realized that stress is already happening in their mind and that it is normal to feel hard at sleep and rest.

Many could also make excuses that the stress they feel is due to hot weather and bad atmosphere creating restlessness and insomnia at night. In most cases, there are underlying reasons causing the stress.

If we are not careful with our stress management, there is a risk that one day we may suddenly be diagnosed with depression. And this depression, if left unchecked, will lead to further erosion of the mind into suicidal inclination.

That said, it is extremely important to maintain our mind and body to a healthy level and enjoy a relaxing low stress lifestyle or a stress free living without ever worrying there is a” hidden bomb” ever ready to explode into our mind and body. Living a life that is free of stress is not impossible; it starts with you taking the first step.

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