Understanding The Interaction Of Internal And External Factors, Their Impact On Our Lives, And How To Raise Spiritual Vibration Through Them

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Everything on this earth surrounding us contains molecules regardless of whether they are living things or non-living things. Similarly, whenever we go we will always encounter all kinds of spiritual vibrations, be it good or bad. And like it or not, believe it or not, these vibrations or energies tend to affect us in a way.

Many spiritual practitioners realise the importance of raising spiritual vibrations but only a handful of them are able to truly understand and apply the interaction of internal and external factors to improve their spiritual high vibration.

In this article, we explore more about what is spiritual vibration, how internal factors and external factors impact our lives on earth, and how to raise spiritual vibration through understanding the interaction between these two factors in life.

What Is Spiritual Vibration?

Spiritual Raise Your Vibration - Internal And External Factors How To Raise Spiritual Vibrations - Poh Ern Si's blog

Everything in this world has a certain spiritual vibration frequency or spiritual vibration energy. These vibrations are like molecules that are invisible to our naked eyes as well as undetectable to our feeling.

However, if we are specially trained in our spiritual cultivation to gain intuition, psychic, telepathy and clairvoyance, we will then be able to perceive such fine invisible features of spiritual vibration levels.

Vibration In The Form Of Positive Energy And Negative Energy

Incidentally, this world is also enclaved with both positive energy and negative energy (this energy is also known as qi or chi energy).

Good or positive energy could help to save our life as well as protect us from impending dangers, while negative or bad energy is harmful and endangers our life. This also translates to good and bad vibrations.

People who are full of bad or negative energy are usually in bad health, constantly feeling sick or even bedridden. In this case, a highly trained spiritual practitioner will be able to detect bad spiritual vibrations from the body.

The usual way to reduce such adverse medical situations is to have more oxygen intake into our lungs to slowly revitalize our weak physical body back to normal condition. Sometimes, medical injections are also another means of neutralising our sickness as the vaccines and medicines are a form of positive energy that helps to increase spiritual vibration by a bit.

What Are Internal Factors And External Factors?

Internal factors refer to the internal conditions, whereas external factors refer to anything external or out of the body that influences us.

For example, our health condition is considered an internal factor as health has something to do with our body within, while things like eating habits, exercise and meditation fall under external factors as these are all external actions with either positive or negative impacts on our internal health depending on how they are executed (think cause and effect).

Both internal and external factors tend to influence the energy or vibrations within our body, hence it is crucial to understand the interactions of these factors to enliven our daily living.

Internal Factors And External Factors Actually Affect Many Aspects Of Our Lives

Our lives of existence on this earth are influenced by both external and internal factors of development or consequences. Many people do not realise that every predicament or solution or realisation appears along with either external or internal influences on our lives.

Whether we are in the working class, family circles or retirees, we are bounded by all these external and internal factors of influence.

In our working population, everyone tends to work tirelessly and even perform their tasks beyond midnight which gradually drains their energy due to all these external factors of duties.

Once over exhausted or depressed, bad energy starts to set in and one then falls sick or even become hospitalised if their health suffers a severe blow, which will then require injections and oxygen supply into one’s lungs to recover the positive charge or good spiritual vibration energy.

Sleep, rest and exercises are part of the fortification of our internal body, hence they are our internal factors of good influences. It is always essential that we understand the importance of maintaining both external and internal factors of good influences or positive actions. Otherwise, anyone who fails to observe this simple rule will eventually just break down in health or fail in their mission of pursuing good and fruitful cultivation.

Similarly, in our educational field of studies, students need to realise that our internal own revisions are vital to achieving good results and not merely depend externally on the teacher’s notes and guidance.

At the same time, students must take care of their internal body condition as a healthy diet, good sleep and plenty of rest are good positive influences on their study life while balancing their study schedule with some healthy recreational activities as part of the positive external actions that can enhance their ability to study better.

Another aspect of external factors in our life includes good eating habits. This is also important to our healthy living, provided that we see the important need of maintaining our internal body to stay fit and vibrant.

Today, the modern generation of people do not care about their internal body as many of them are only interested to fulfil their desire of enjoying all kinds of fancy food especially processed food and food sold in franchise-based restaurants which is very unhealthy for our consumption. Due to rampant external influences of foreign dishes, many are in bad shape or suffering ill health due to neglecting the internal structure of our body by simply eating all kinds of food without limits.

Remember that external and internal factors influencing us on this earth are intertwined in growth. This means if we can control and manage ourselves well externally in terms of our food intake, we will also be able to safeguard our internal body towards good fitness.

How We Can Apply The Knowledge of Internal Factors And External Factors To Pursue Fruitful Spiritual Cultivation

Pondering Contemplation Meditation - Internal and External Factors How To Raise Spiritual Vibrations - Poh Ern Si's blog

In our field of cultivation, it is extremely important to possess the combination of both external and internal factors in our training sessions to properly raise spiritual vibrations within ourselves.

Most of the time, Buddhists merely superficially observe all kinds of rites and rituals such as mainly taking vegetarian, chanting sutras and mantras, listening to Dharma talks as well as giving donations.

These are all external factors of practices that will not procure progress in spiritual cultivation without the input of internal aspects of concentration in our incantations and focusing on every sacred object of the chanting.

Observing Vegetarian Diet

External Factor: Taking vegetarian food
Internal Factor: Need to eat with awareness of simplicity and contentment in mind

The observation of vegetarian diets requires the proper internal objectives of simplicity and contentment of mind when eating vegetarian foods to be considered the correct way of observing vegetarian diets as this substantiates our efforts to go vegetarian fruitfully and effectively in our spiritual practice.

Listening to the Dharma

External Factor: Listening to the Dharma
Internal Factor: Internalising the sermons by pondering and contemplating the Dharma information received

Merely listening to the dharma and reading all these Buddhist books alone are not good enough to develop any positive results in our cultivation.

This is because listening to sermons is only an external factor and it needs to be further strengthened with the inner positive factors of pondering and contemplation into achieving the inner comprehension of the Dharma. Listening to sermons is only external in view and needs internal influences of pondering and contemplation on these Abhidharma teachings in order to crystalise the realisation of truth and gain the wisdom of knowledge and power.

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After all, spiritual teachers only act as our external guidance and they cannot enhance our spiritual growth unless we initiate the inner power of pondering and contemplation within ourselves.

These inner powers of pondering and contemplation are the requisites to gain the inner power of wisdom and knowledge. Other hidden forces of positive internal growth come within our heart by practising tolerance, patience and endurance.

Although these internal factors of positive influences on our state of mind are vital to our successful cultivations, nonetheless many could not develop such golden positive vibrations in their cultivation journey due to the hardships and sufferings one has to undergo such traumatic experiences and exposures.

Observation of 5 Precepts or 8 Precepts

External Factor: Precepts observation
Internal Factor: Understanding the ultimate aim of observing the precepts is to control our five sensual desires and cravings

Our realisation of truth to gain emancipation does not lie in our observation of 5 or even 8 precepts as they are merely for us to gain exposure and experiences on procedures and undergo the bare necessities of living. The real test and achievement from such precepts observations come from our internal aspect of containing our five senses’ desires.

Our ability to subdue our frequent desires or cravings (tanha) for all the earthly gadgets and activities will really give rise to detachments from worldly affairs and gradually lead us to gain contentment. Contentment will lead to the equanimity of the mind, make our heart steady and calm, and our body becomes vibrant and pure.

However, we should bear in mind that our five sensual desires are not to be eradicated completely but the aim is to merge these five senses into one sense which is just enough to sustain our survival of living. Everything will become clear and the realisation of truth will set into our mind, thereby attaining wisdom of knowledge and power.


External Factor: Practising meditation in a conducive space under the guidance of a good meditation master
Internal Factor: Requires the basic foundation of constant pondering and contemplation, daily chanting of sutras and mantras, having a fit body and mental health

Meditation is one of the most difficult subjects to deal with as it is an abstract means of spiritual practice. Most Buddhists have the impression that they can always practise meditation as they like anytime without knowing the important requisites needed before one can commence training on meditation.

Before anyone begins meditation, one must first practise incantations on both sutras and mantras twice daily – a session in the morning and the other in the evening before 7.00 pm, or if done anytime after 7.00 pm, it will be done through silent chanting. The daily chanting should be at least 25 minutes to 60 minutes.

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The next important requirement is our body must be physically fit and our mind is steady and calm. We cannot meditate with our body exhausted from work or after running errands for someone. We also cannot do any meditation if we are constantly worried about our bills, debts or workloads.

Additionally, we also need to ensure that the meditation centre we intend to meditate at must be free from congestion of sitting space and possess good ventilation atmosphere.

The last important thing before one undergoes meditation is one must be guided by an experienced and good meditation master. Good meditation masters are people who have attained a certain degree of success in their meditations such as achieving Jhanas or attainment of Arahantship. Otherwise, it would be best to only keep to pondering and contemplation which is good enough for all the beginners.

Only after we have practised long enough on our pondering and contemplations we will eventually gain instinct and intuition and earthly wisdom. Then only we can begin our meditation sessions. Otherwise, wrong ways of meditation or unguided meditation sessions without a basic foundation of pondering and contemplation will lead one to become mentally unstable or have sleepless nights. And unfortunately, many wrong meditators produce a very bad vibration in their body due to wrong practices and incompetent guidance from their masters.

To perform meditation, we must always uphold the vitality of our mindfulness and concentration along with correct thought and proper understanding of practising all the meritorious deeds in our life. These are all the basic foundations before commencing our meditation practice. The power of inner influences on our mental outlook is pertinent to our success in practising meditation. Our mind must always be at peace within ourselves.


Our lives are constantly affected by internal and external factors, and these factors have an impact on our spiritual vibration in body. It is important to understand how both internal factors and external factors work so that we can leverage this knowledge to improve our daily living, be it in studies, career, health, or even in raising spiritual vibration throughout our spiritual cultivation journey.

Only when we fully understand the need for combining both internal factors and external factors in every aspect of our life will we finally achieve positive efforts in our daily endeavors.

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