Beginner’s Guide to Jhanas – The Telltale Sign of A Successful Cultivation

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The word “Jhanas” may be familiar to some Buddhist laities yet the chapter on Jhanas may be one of the most elusive knowledge in knowing whether one has achieved a fruitful training. Most of the times we are unsure of our ripening stage of cultivation after years and years of practices.

Many Buddhists have no knowledge of any tell tale signs of a successful cultivation unless we are guided by good spiritual teachers or masters. As a true Buddhist, it is important that in undergoing any spiritual training, one must have a good teacher or master to guide our us.

Otherwise, we will tread on a dangerous path of hidden and perilous outcome of evil forces over ran on us. Some may even be deviated from their original goal and landed into cults or sect teachings.

In this article, we will have the meaning of Jhanas explained, how many Jhanas are there, and the basic things we can do or should have in practicing the Jhanas.

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