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Time is the one term that every human on Earth is familiar with yet struggles to understand the true essence of Time. To think that Time is our constant companion in our entire lifetime, yet most of us fail to value it nor know how to make use of it for the ultimate benefit of mankind, ourselves included.

Let’s explore more about the various aspects of Time, and how we can enliven ourselves in accordance with the limited Time that we have on Earth.

Understanding the Essence of Time Meaning

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Time is an essential means to determine the success of one’s effort or cultivation as well as the development of schedules and tasks needed to be undertaken. In the commercial world of trading, Time is gold or money.

If we were to take all considerations of our time usefulness, we will never ever dare to waste any time, for we know very well that Time is a finite resource and our time is always precious.

Punctuality, An Essence of Time

One aspect, Punctuality, is an essence of Time.

In this modern world where everything runs fast and paces of things are rapid, it is important that we do not waste any precious time by being late for work or duty. It is also pertinent to ensure our appointment for any meetings made to be punctual in time. Otherwise, wastage of time means the draining of our golden opportunity and money.

Only through one’s training and cultivation could one only able to discipline ourselves to be always on time for every appointment. Most people nowadays are apathetic and inconsiderate in observing time punctuality due to the lack of discipline and empathy.

When one keeps on arriving late for work or appointments, then one is likely to deplete one’s own Time as well apart from causing inconveniences and wasting other people’s Time. Therefore, without a doubt, Time is a precious gem in our life and should be treated as such.

Time And Your Success in Spiritual Cultivation and Materialistic Achievements

Essence of Time in Spiritual Cultivation and Material Success - Poh Ern Si blog

Time is an essence of everything we do in our life regardless it is spiritual or materialistic advancement in nature. Whenever we go into spiritual training or career advancement, we need all the patience, determination, perseverance, endurance and confidence or faith to succeed in overcoming any hindrances and challenges facing us.

Time is also a barometer of measuring our success or failure in life. Success or failure does not depend on how much we have accumulated in our financial standing of becoming wealthy or gaining a higher position or rank, but how successful you are on Earth depends on your ability to acquire the command of respect from others as well as the spiritual development of contentment, inner joy, serenity and equanimity of our mind.

The successful development of both spiritual cultivation and materialistic advancement will denote how wise we have spent our time or have ourselves end up as paupers, convicts, drug addicts, being involved with vice and criminal activities or turning into crooks. The wise ones will always utilise their Time to the utmost usefulness with a strong necessity to build up their career and spiritual advancement of attainment.

Only time will tell whether we could wade through all these obstacles before we could finally achieve our objectives in life. Truly, time is an indicator of maturity in everything we do.

If we waste our time idling away watching movies frequently, occupying ourselves on all the internet news and games as well as loitering around in the malls and pubs, we will shortchange our time needed to perform more solid and priority matters since time and tide wait for no man. Unfortunately, many earthly people do not comprehend the importance of doing things which are beneficial to us.

How to Make Better Use of Our Time? What To Do and What Not To Do

Essence of Time, spend time wisely by doing meditation - Poh Ern Si blog

Time will always become an asset to us when we have utilized to the fullest capacity of maximizing our efficiency in our time schedules. Most of the successful people in this world practice and utilize their Time by improving their knowledge and acquiring advanced technology information, while the mediocre will waste their Time indulging in pleasurable activities like gambling, drinking, womanizing, all-day shopping or movie-going without gaining any solid substances in improving oneself with better technological knowledge of advancement.

In the world of spiritual training and cultivations, it is important that one is mindful of time utilization, prioritizing it to the utmost to incantations of sutras and mantras, listening to proper golden sermons, contemplations and lastly meditation. One should also constantly practice all the moral values in life as well monitoring one’s action in acquiring good merits, and through the passage of time will one be able to achieve virtues. And it is through the achievement of virtues that one will then gain the purity of mind, heart and body and eventually gain wisdom of knowledge and power.

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Despite all that, the only way one could ever understand and have the right mindfulness of the time importance and essentially the gateway to any successful achievement in life is through a good brought up in our informal education at home right from the start. However, only in the ancient time do those ancient people practice good, proper informal education at home, while such practice of a good informal education is largely absent in the modern day society.

In the olden days, the parents are the home teachers to their children and these olden day people inculcate their children with good manners, respect to all elderly people, obedience to laws and orders while instilling strong discipline onto their character. This way will only then increases an individual’s appreciation towards the vitality of Time and towards self development and successful living.

Common Pitfalls and Misconceptions on Achieving True Success in Life

Most wealthy people or influential ones think that one is highly successful and acquires great achievement just because they have all the wealth and status in the world. Little do they know or realize, that real success is not so much on our status or rank, but rather, solely on our refined characters of good manners, respect and obedience to law and order.

The real successful entities in this world are those who have risen above to become a noble man amongst men. This is opposed to the common misconceptions in the society today, who tend to regard the rich and the famous as successful people.

Truthfully, if you were to observe carefully, most wealthy or influential people sometimes give a very bad reputation and low reflections of themselves as they become arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate and possess self-deceit in their characters. Most of the time, these people always concentrate their time doing and accumulating all the unwholesome actions deemed beneficial to their materialistic success, but in fact, their actions are actually detrimental to their divine development.

Existence of Time is Relative Only on Earth

In fact, time is relative only on this earth. In other planets of the world, there is no time frame existed . In certain planets, nine hours on this earth is equivalent to ten minutes in the other part of the world. A day spent in the other planet is equivalent to about two months on this earth.

In some other higher planets of existence, there is relatively no time at all. Where there is no time at all, the condition is also motionless. Everything goes by mental evolution. Yet time is so relative on this earth that humans lack the understanding on the importance of time. As time is so precious, humans on this earth must value the time by setting the utmost priority in managing everything on this Earth that bring us real benefits and efficiency to advance ourselves in the areas of self development, self reliance and self independence.

Final Thoughts

We cannot emphasize more, that Time is such a precious asset in our lifetime on Earth. Many of us tend to take Time for granted as it is intangible and does not hold a physical presence, but with Time being an abstract yet finite resource on Earth, we should learn to be more mindful of how we spend our Time to do things that are more meaningful and beneficial, not only to our ownselves in the spiritual and material aspects but also to the society.

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