The Potency of Sincerity

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Long ago, not only did the ancient people have straightforward thinking and honesty but also, the golden character of sincerity. Gone were the days when these ancient people will act in accordance with their clear conscience and true desires of their heart.

In today’s topic, we discuss the true meaning of sincerity, and how you can harness the potency of sincerity in your daily living.

What is Sincerity?

Sincerity is an act of truthful attitude towards others without any malice and motive. Sincerity is also the most sought after character by all the Bodhisattvas and Buddhahood realms entities.

Sincerity is also the reflection of one’s trustworthiness and honesty. Without any sincerity in one’s doing, then all actions are superficial, sly, bad motive and hypocrite in character.

In today world, it is not surprising this golden character of sincerity is already an oblivion to our society. Where this age is an era of technological advancement, many are too obsessed with power, rank and wealth that it has become a trend to crave for and seek a fast route and easy means to acquire all kinds of materialistic possessions in their hands.

Sincerity is a reflection of one's honesty and trustworthiness, a trait that is severely lacking in today's humanity. - Potency of Sincerity | Poh Ern Si's Blog
Sincerity is a reflection of one’s honesty and trustworthiness, a trait that is severely lacking in today’s humanity.

Humanity’s Greed Leads to the Loss of Sincerity

Due to our human’s inclinations to devise all kinds of evil schemes to get rich quick, many of us are involved in scams, trickery, vices and other unscrupulous means of cheating without detection, that mankind has lost this golden trait of sincerity. Where our human mind is so occupied with fast methods of making money, humans have now degenerated into beings with obscured, unworthy and impure thoughts of lust, jealousy and wrong views in attitude.

An act of sincerity is indeed very rare nowadays to be witnessed by our Buddhist laities because the inclination of our social belief is to be able to perform anything fast and easy, rapid and instant positive result. This corrupted mindset of our society today destroyed the sanctity of sincerity, causing many devotees to lose the actual meaning of being a good Buddhist.

If we were to look at all the nations of this world, we could sense most governments are running in conflicts with the people. Unrest, riots and even civil wars are now happening all over the regions. Regardless of political differences. one should never instigate anyone for the sake of gaining popularity and securing enough support to remain in power. This kind of character insinuations and bigotry definitely portray the lack of sincerity in people hearts.

Without sincerity to lessen people’s suffering and woes, it is entirely irrelevant to involve ourselves in politics. Consequently, due to many politicians all over the world not possessing the sincerity to help the people and manage the country in a fair and equitable government, many nations fall into civil wars, rebellions and racial conflicts throughout the period. Interestingly, no one in this world could forge apparent sincerity to others except blind followers and hypocrite supporters. It is this pure radiation of sincerity that could really touch the souls of the nation with clarity of empathy, honesty and trust.

Greed for power, position and wealth is the major cause of the loss of sincerity nowadays. - Potency of Sincerity | Poh Ern Si's blog
Greed for power, position and wealth is the major cause of the loss of sincerity nowadays.

Reality of The Absence of Sincerity in Pandemic Situations

In our recent pandemic development that causes worldwide virus Covid-19 infections to most nations, many countries were struggling to keep down the virus infections but unfortunately to no avail due to the absence of sincerity in controlling these virus infections. Particularly in the United States of America , the previous President Trump did not believe in science and told the American people that all these flu virus cases will go away after a while but months later, the virus still did not disappear from the country.

The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) Director actually urged the President to immediately hasten the production of the coronavirus vaccines in order to control and eliminate the contagious spread of the virus. U

Unfortunately, the President did not agree to the urgency in giving these vaccines to Americans as soon as possible. After a year of delay, more than half a million of the Americans died from this disease while over three million people were infected. Only after the new President Joe Biden took over from his predecessor Trump were they able to alleviate the danger of controlling this virus.

The first thing this President Biden did was to hasten the productions of this covid 19 vaccines which will help to prevent any further infection throughout the country. After serving 3 months as the US President, Biden managed to calm down the situation and everything started to return to normal.

President Joe Biden has gone through many hardships in life and therefore knows the meaning of sufferings. Where many American people were out of jobs and cash, life is certainly unbearable and this humane President immediately passed a US$1.9 trillion stimulus package to mitigate and overcome the woes of the American people from starvation and unemployment. This is the reflection of an American President who possesses the sincerity to help people.

Without sincerity, then one would always act in tandem with motives and selfish desires to fulfil one hidden motive. One would never able to gain respect from the populace and eventually will be ostracized from the political scene. Similarly, all over the world, many governments could not stabilize the spread of this virus pandemic because of their lack of sincerity in solving this pandemic problem.

Most governments of the world find it easy to express their intentions to stop this pandemic but without true and sincere effort to demolish the problem. Many are too obsessed with power to rule or manipulations of funds that create shortage in funds to purchase all these intended vaccines, while others still refuse to believe this pandemic is so seriously affecting their populations. Anyone who has the sincerity to solve any problems in life will always take into consideration of people welfare and suffering as well as painful experiences. This is the potency of sincerity.

Potency of Sincerity Is Only Shown Through Real Effort

Regardless of political aspects or career wise or spiritual cultivation in view, one must upkeep our sincerity from the heart in our character in order for our life to become meaningful to live on this earth. Imagine that if everyone on this earth acts without sincerity, then the whole world would be in jeopardy and chaos with each outwitting others in order to fulfil their fantasy.

There will be no system of government and everything will be subject to manipulations. This situation of living is not harmonious and will only cause havoc to everyone.

Fortunately, not all earth people are insincere in their character. This makes the light of sincerity shines into whoever could manifest this golden trait. With sincerity, not only could one achieve successful objectives in life but also develops one ‘s virtue of trust, honesty and consideration as well as kindness in actions, which will win praises and appreciation throughout the three realms of existences .

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