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Have you ever sat down and ponder about the reality of living? Of how some people are born with great skills and talents yet blame their misfortunes on God or fate?

Or how many people are living in this world without motivation, enthusiasm or determination in life, only living day to day without any sense of drive or purpose? Or they feel dissatisfied with their living condition and keep comparing with others?

Truth is, the society today generally does not understand much about the true reality of living, especially when the majority are being easily influenced by hearsay and negative events without putting more thought on how they could filter through what they’ve heard, pick up the good side of things and throw away the bad.

Let us discuss further.

The Tendency to Fall Into The Negativity Trap

Negative thoughts, negativity - The Reality of Living - Pohernsi's Blog by Poh Ern Si Penang
Learn not to let negative remarks or bad incidents get to you and affect your entire mood.

Everyone is born pure and white in this world. Regardless we are born with complete physical features or handicapped without limbs or deformed bodies, our heart, mind and body will always remain intact and pure as we are just delivered into this world.

However, due to our external negative influences and adverse comments in life, our mental development regresses into a bleak and glooming outlook. We begin to feel that the world owes us a living instead of us owing this world our living.

We begin to feel so much misgiving on people surrounding us while others more fortunate are exposed to a better environment and feel good factors, and live a more congenial life that is orientated to their wonderful living.

This is due to our mind being receptive to all kinds of gestures, speeches and comments which are either slanderous, malicious, provocation, agitating and treacherous instead of pleasant speeches, good comments and honorable praises favorable to us. If we are constantly impounded by all the bad news and provocation, we will eventually be drowned with all the bad attitudes and gloomy outlooks towards everyone.

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On the contrary, if we are gifted with good tidings, care, love and kindness, we will be able to build up our self-esteem and confidence. We will then not be easily swayed by external negative views or unfavourable speech surrounding us.

The Case of A Man Born Without Limbs

Most of the time, we tend to allow ourselves to stay in our comfort zones or limit ourselves instead of growing to our full potential. This is where we can draw inspiration and motivation when we take a look at a young handicapped man who was born without limbs.

This young man believes no one owes us a living and takes great initiative in training himself up to learn to become independent in living. In the beginning, he could not even wake himself up against the bed but gradually with a little bit of sheer determination and courage, he could slowly wake up from the bed.

Next, he trained himself to walk down the staircase on his own and eventually mastered the ability to climb up and down the staircase. Later on, this wonderful handicapped man could even swim in the pool without any aid.

Nick Vujicic a man born without limbs - The Reality of Living - Pohernsi's Blog by Poh Ern Si Penang
Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs who became the world’s inspiration. Source:

Years later he became famous and wrote a few books which became best-sellers, and he often got invited to give lectures at universities and colleges to share his experiences on his ability to overcome his dilemmas and predicaments.

So what can we learn from this case? Such a great man has proven the reality of living on this earth, that:

  • It is the mind that makes us what we are and to work beyond our normal mindset.
  • Learn to be creative and proactive. They are what makes you feel who you are and not what others think you should be.
  • We create our own self-independence and self values in life. This handicapped man told the world that we should never feel deprived of anything in life except our own ability to stand upright in our character.
  • We should never let others dictate our living. This is the true reality of living.

We should always stand upright in our character and never bend to any unfavorable situation, unfounded bad comment or criticism of us.

We must possess the correct mental attitude in life which is our ability to mold our own future or destiny and not depend on any other external factor.

We have to train ourselves up through good exposure and experiences as these are all first-hand knowledge imbibed into our mind.

Only then, with this elastic and positive mind will we be able to instill good discipline into our character as well as strong willpower to execute any plans or objectives successfully through our own endurance, patience and perseverance. This can only be initiated when we have undergone a good informal education at home when we are young.

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Lack of Good Parenting to Create Realization on The Reality of Living

Dad carrying a young boy on his shoulders, good parenting - The Reality of Living - Pohernsi's Blog by Poh Ern Si Penang
Good parenting is essential to ensure kids understand the reality of living.

Unfortunately, many of us could not live in reality of living due to lack of good life exposures and wide experiences along with absence of informal education at home, where most parents are so busy working together without much communication with their children.

Many parents just simply give all kinds of pampering affection to their growing children with soft and over-caring treatment until their children grow up to become a parasite to our society. One could not then live independently by themselves and easily resort to all sorts of easy, shortcut ways to make money.

Scams, cheating and manipulation of funds become the order of the day, and this is largely due to a lack of real understanding of living a normal and natural way of life, which should have been taught and discussed as a topic since young.

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Religion Plays A Major Role In Understanding The Reality of Living

Regardless of whether we are true followers of any of these five main religions of mankind on this earth, or chose to be an Atheist or free thinker, the fact still remains that no one could live by himself without interactions to enhance our mental development or in the matters of business support. Even in any other commercial transactions or trading, we need to work hand in hand with each other in almost all factories established to execute the mass production of goods smoothly to cope with the increasing demands of global needs.

In much the same way, every follower of their respective religions needs to have their own spiritual teachers or masters to teach and guide their followers to tread the correct path of cultivation. No one could practice by themselves unless one is a Chosen One that can be guided by some special circumstances of divine assistance. Even then, we are still being guided by someone invisible to show us the path of reality in living, instead of acting like a know-it-all and simply cultivating without proper knowledge on our own.

Buddhist Monks in saffron robes sitting in a row during prayers chanting, Religion - The Reality of Living - Pohernsi's Blog by Poh Ern Si Penang
Religion acts as a guidance for mankind to understand the reality of living.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, religion becomes an abstract institution of learning due to the sophisticated technology that binds people to follow blindly and manipulate their mind to become impure in thought.

Originally, all religions provide a good and sensible way to tread towards a path of good values, good deliverance and good independence of ourselves. Sadly, the emergence of all sorts of sects and cults coming into our world to spearhead their misguided beliefs to people who want fast results and instant development begin to mar the authentic teachings of all these five religions of mankind.

All these sects and cults are demonizing people to disbelieve any religion except their cults and sects’ teachings, paving the way for people to get disillusioned with the right teachings of the five main religions of mankind. People begin to smear the good teachings of mankind and make accusations that the religions of mankind exist to make mankind fear God.

In truth, all religions of mankind always propagate and encourage the practice of love, care, kindness, compassion and magnanimous heart to each other and never ever cast any shadow of fear towards God upon us.

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How We Can Better Understand The Reality of Living In This World

If we were to make the whole world better to live in, we need to levitate our state of mind to get a better understanding of life through undergoing traumatic experiences and exposure to famines, starvation, hunger, war and lastly covid pandemics.

While these incidents may seem bad in nature, these are also the very events that will then make us undergo the suffering of mental agonies, woes and untold hardships of life, which after a period of time, we will feel entirely absorbing of the true reality of living in this world.

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We will then begin to realize the scarcity of food, the golden values of our survival on this earth and a sudden realization of our sacred life is precious and priceless. Upon this awakening stage, we will then understand the true reality of living on this Earth.

We will no longer yearn for luxurious food when we feel any simple food is sufficient to live in this world. We will no longer feel depressed and disgusted over others’ wealth and high status when we realize there is no barrier to living freely with a carefree and joyful attitude regardless of any status or wealth.

We begin to feel satisfied over anything we have in living, feel contented and absent of any thought of comparing over others on our deficient possession.

Final Thought

As long as one does not understand the hardship and suffering of life, one will never be able to make do with what one has and be contented with his present status.

Only when one has truly absorbed all these bitter experiences and turbulent exposures in life, then one will begin to appreciate the valuable lessons of maintaining the sanctity of tranquility, peace and serenity of living on this earth. By then, one would have finally understood the real reality of living in this world.

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