What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do - Poh Ern Si Buddhist Temple Penang Blog
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Picture this: you have a problem, you know you need to find ways and means to solve your problem, and yet – you seem to be stuck at a spot, you keep asking yourself what to do because you really don’t have a clue where or how you should begin to tackle your problem one step at a time.

Sounds familiar? In this article, we aim to provide helpful insights so you can tide through this common scenario of “what to do when you don’t know what to do“.

The Common “When You Don’t Know What To Do” Situation

A man feeling stressed over problems - What to do when you dont know what to do - Poh Ern Si Penang Buddhist Temple

It is common knowledge that sometimes we are at a loss over things that we should do in our life, especially pertaining to our career, sales aspect, marriage, and even our spiritual training. And sometimes, the more we ponder over all these matters, the more we get confused over these predicaments.

When we do not know what to do, we also will not how to do and why we should do, as we find no clue to solve our dilemma. If we need to undo the problem that causes us to question “what to do”, then we should first ask ourselves: what are our golden objectives in life? When we have laid out our plans and steps taken to implement all these time schedules, then our doubt of what to do will never arise.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?

Sometimes, we have to undergo certain circumstances in life to reach a point where we suddenly feel uncertain in our outlook and arouse our “what do you do when you’re stuck or don’t know how to do something” thoughts. This is normal due to our first-time experience handling such matters that we do not know what to do at all.

Seek Expert Guidance

When we have such a situation where we are hesitating over how to make a decision when you don’t know what to do, it means that that we have never come across such predicament before.

In this case, we need to look deeper into the matter through fostering more discussion with someone who has wider experiences than us. We will most likely need to do some research when searching for talented people who have good knowledge in all kinds of fields to overcome our doubt and uncertainty.

This way we will then clear our doubt and erase our blank thoughts over what we should do. In the process, we will also build up our confidence to know what to do and solve the matter at present and in future.

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Do More Pondering, Contemplation, Meditation to Sort Your Thoughts

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There will be a time when every one of us will have to go through a certain period of being at a decision-making crossroad, where we keep wondering what to do with your life when you don’t know what to do and where you need to start off first.

In facing such an unwarranted situation, we should go into more pondering and contemplation sessions, and lastly meditation to alleviate our dubious thoughts. When you come to a question for which you don’t know the answer, the “what should you do” dilemma can be rectified with consistent pondering, contemplation and meditation. It is only through our constant pondering and contemplation do we then realize from our thoughts that something could be done in a specific way to undo our dilemma or resolve our predicament.

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Our mind has all the power in this world to unveil any hanging problem through the potent effect of realization, achievable through our constant pondering and contemplation practice.

It is like the simile of using a magnifying glass to focus the light of the sun sharply onto a match and a few minutes later, you will see the match lighted by the power of focused sunlight. Likewise, the match represents our hanging problem while the magnifying glass represents our pondering and contemplation effect. The sudden burning of the match represents the instant effect of self realization on ways to solve our problem.

Keep Calm, Always

Young woman doing some stretching to keep calm - What to do when you dont know what to do - Poh Ern Si Buddhist Temple Penang

Lastly, it is to keep our mind calm whenever possible in life. Many of us are certainly too busy with our career, our work, and family commitments that we will always have a very hectic schedule in our daily life.

This is where our mind becomes so stressed and frequently wavers in thought, that we become easily distracted and cannot find any way to solve a hanging problem that arises. You will probably even feel clueless about what to do when you don’t know what to do with yourself when you are in this stressful state.

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It is clear that we should always keep a certain time to ensure we maintain a simple relaxing mood. This can be achieved through regular morning exercises as well as a simple unwinding of our mind through a 15-minute pondering and contemplation session after our morning and evening prayers. These methods are effective in dissipating our hectic mind to become more tranquil and our heart to feel more peaceful.

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The above ways prove effective in helping you when you face the scenario of what to do when you don’t know what to do with your life, career, love, marriage and family matters.

The onus on what to do is always related to our lack of confidence and doubt in our thoughts. Thus, it is important to overcome our thought of what do you do when you don’t know what to do by ensuring we have enough confidence to deal with this subject matter as well as the clear path of the intended undertakings.

Once we gain that confidence, we will always be able to identify any problem that arises and appropriately overcome the predicament, thus ending our constant problem of what to do in our life since we will no longer be confused over what to do due to our unsteady mind coming from our hectic schedules.

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