Blessed One’s farewell message

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The Blessed One’s era is ending on this Wesak Day,28 May 2010 and Maitreiya Bodhisattva is taking over after 28 May 2010.Maitreiya bodhisattva has already descended into this Earth world since January 2010 to rejuvenate Earth people to become more humane,caring,helpful and compassionate in order to equip ourselves with better knowledge,proper guidance and correct cultivation.This will reinforce our readiness to steer forward into the next era of Maitreiya’s teaching.

Henceforth,the Blessed One’s authentic sermons are still needed to deliver through our Temple of Gratitude,Poh Ern Si every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (inclusive of devotional chanting service) so that Blessed One’s original teaching would not go extinct and oblivious in the next era.The Blessed One’s true teaching will facilitate easier training or cultivation of basic morality and virtuous actions which is the necessary basic foundation to absorb into the Maitreiya’s era.

Before Maitreiya officially descends into this world,the intermittent period will be the time of cleaning up of the world on all those corrupted, devious and polluted evil people who believe nothing but charms.

In this interlude,the “cleaning up” will start fom one place to another and gradually in two years time,everything is cleaner and the atmosphere and the environment are more healthier but the devastation is obvious.We create our disaster through our greed for more houses,more prestigious projects and other money-making scheme at the expense of natural forestation and ecological balance in our region.Now the damage has exceeded beyond the control of nature,mankind must bear the great consequences of flood,fire and tsunami disasters in order to make us realise our own follies in life.

In order for us to pull through the sudden impact of all these unexpected disasters coming soon,we should put more time and effort in our devotional chanting or prayers everyday,consume less meat and observe more vegetarian diet,practise more virtuous actions,cultivate good morality or good conduct and finally,adopt humility and moderation in our way of life.This is the best way to achieve our calmness,serenity,happiness,patience and equanimity to pull through all those coming disasters.

The final verse of our hope and spiritual guidance to assist us to overcome our fear,despair and lost of direction is to pray with all our heart and sincerity while asking the Blessed One to guide us pass through all those coming disasters:” By the almighty power of the Sakyamuni Buddha’s compassionate heart,protect and save us (mention specifically your own name and address)  through all these disasters.”  Please recite all these verses as many times as possible when the disaster is approaching in front of you.


May all be well and happy!

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5 thoughts on “Blessed One’s farewell message

  1. Hi,

    I’m not sure if it is possible for you to upload the teaching on Sunday to this blog.

    Many thanks!


    1. Hello Daphne,your request is under consideration-still prefer personally come and listen cos discussion and question n answer be more enlightening n fruitful.Are u from Penang or outstation? Many thanks for your interest in our Pohernsi sermons.Sadhu!

  2. Hello,

    I’m working in Singapore but my mom is going to Poh Ern Si every weekend and she will tell me everything that she has learnt when I call her. I have been to Poh Ern Si once when I was in Penang.


    1. oh I see.It is marvellous to hear your keen interest in following our sermons which is directly from the Blessed one!s instructions.It would be more beneficial if you could spread our sermons to your friends and relatives who may wish to know more about our authentic dharma talks through this blog.At the moment these 3 sermons are good enough to pull you through the disaster which is coming very out for the Lq Nina wind which would destroy crops and buildings depending on the location and the build up forces in the be alert and always chant mantras and sutras daily one in the morning and later in the evening before 7.00pm.All our sermons are meant for studying it and ponder over it,not plain reading it.Ok so much for my guidance.Sadhu!

  3. Thank you for the enlightenment! =)I will definitely spread around to my friends and relatives. Yup my mother said to chant 白衣大士神咒 is good. I’m doing it every morning, will slowly add in another session in the evening before 7pm. Sadhu! (hehe just found the meaning of sadhu online)

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