How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home

How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home - Poh Ern Si Penang blog
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Feng shui (风水) or otherwise known as Chinese geomancy, has been an all-time popular subject not only among the Chinese population but also in the Western counterparts. It’s not surprising considering this ancient wisdom of harmonizing your living space is an art by itself, one that seems simple in concept yet can be complicated without the proper understanding of the true working principles of feng shui.

Fengshui applies to any space, be it your home office, living room, bedroom or your house on a whole. Many people place a great emphasis on having a good feng shui house since the home is not merely a collection of walls and furniture; it’s a sanctuary that influences the energy that surrounds you. Unfortunately, many also do not understand how to create a good feng shui house layout and simply place their beliefs blindly, which could lead to creating negative energy at home instead.

This article aims to address what is feng shui, the feng shui elements and common mistakes or misconceptions to avoid so you know how to feng shui your home the right way.

What is Feng Shui?

Fengshui - How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home - Buddhism blog

Geomancy or feng shui is one of the most complex natures in our comprehension of the principles of feng shui, for true feng shui needs a balance of its natural surroundings. Genuine feng shui should be natural and in harmony with our atmosphere, from bedroom feng shui to office feng shui.

Feng shui originates from the teachings of Tao Te Ching, which constitutes the philosophy of Taoism by Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism. The book of Tao Te Ching or Taoism philosophy emphasizes so much on the natural laws of the universe, which are everlasting because it does not contend.

One given example is on Water. Water is so highly symbolized yet again remains so insignificant in the eyes of our human world. Without Water, all humans will die on this earth, yet no one values the importance of water.

Yet, despite all that, Water itself is not disillusioned by our human indifference, for Water does not contend in itself.

Similarly, feng shui does not compete with itself through any installation of heavenly animal statues or objects, for feng shui stands in natural surroundings and is original in its contents.

Common Misconceptions of Feng Shui

Calm mountain scenery - How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home - Buddhism blog

Many have mistaken beliefs that feng shui should be reinforced with artificial heavenly creatures such as dragons, phoenixes or pixiu. This is not in tandem with our original teachings of Tao Te Ching, the philosophy of Taoism.

Unfortunately, most Taoist teachers capitalize on the heavenly creatures to fortify one’s home with good fortune, with the belief that the invisible forces of the heavenly creatures could help brighten and uplift good tidings into our lives. This is not true and only serves to distort the original view of Taoism teachings.

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In actual fact, instead of allowing the heavenly creature objects to usher in good luck or fortune into your living space, they could end up reversing the good energy into bad ones. This is because of the less known knowledge that any creature-shaped objects or statues, regardless of them representing heavenly or earthly beings, could produce bad energy if left unattended without anointment.

We should not dabble into any feng shui ideology if we do not conduct any in-depth study of this geomancy or feng shui philosophy. We should be aware and mindful that any feng shui must have the proper system of belief and articulation in its formation.

Sadly in this modern world, people are using feng shui to exploit a lot of ignorant and naïve people into believing that certain installations of all kinds of heavenly creatures in certain directions will be able to enhance one’s good luck at home. This is erroneous in view because heavenly creatures are too sacred to reside in a human home, let alone bless the human beings who have no link to all these heavenly creatures.

Yin and Yang in Relation to Feng Shui

Yin and yang concept Taoism Fengshui - How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home - Buddhism blog

In effect, balancing the Yin and Yang energy at home is the true art of feng shui, not using crystals or heavenly animal statues or other artificial objects.

The Yin represents the adverse situation while the Yang represents the most ideal and favorable condition. Hence, both Yin and Yang must always be on the balance.

In life, everything is related to Yin and Yang regardless of our creed, race or status. The male on earth represents the Yang, while the female equates to Yin.

With the correct combination and the right outlook, the Yin combines with the Yang to become perfect, wholesome and complete.

Unfortunately, nowadays the Yin and the Yang look more topsy-turvy in combination due to the wrong notions of love and affection. In fact, many are disillusioned with love as lust instead.

Similarly, many people are also simply applying feng shui tips to their living spaces without the proper knowledge of feng shui philosophy application. This potentially ruins the existing harmony or worsens the bad feng shui state.

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How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home?

Bright living space - How to Create Good Feng Shui House Layout for Your Home - Buddhism blog

As mentioned, feng shui should have the reflection of originality in nature and the significance of ideal balance of Yin and Yang with the surroundings. If there are any imbalances of the surroundings, then by using intuition and wisdom of power one would then able to identify the adverse location and rectify the imbalance of the bad feng shui into a smooth and ideal atmosphere by changing its course of direction or location.

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Only trained spiritual teachers or masters could neutralize such adverse situations. Most feng shui entrepreneurs are commercialized businessmen. True feng shui masters cannot advertise nor sell any feng shui souvenirs. They will also understand the concept of not corrupting feng shui with all kinds of object installation since it will become artificial and unnatural.

That said, what can we do to improve the fengshui of our home?

Ensure Clean, Tidy Rooms

If we ever need to create good feng shui at home, then we should ensure our backyard and living room possess a congenial feeling of calm and serenity in the atmosphere. How we can do that is to make sure our living spaces like the bedroom, the kitchen, living room and even the backyard or front porch to be clean and tidy.

Many do not realize the significance of having clean, tidy living room and also our backyard – this is the first step in the right direction to instill good energy and create good feng shui at home.

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Go for Bright Walls, Furniture and Decor

Besides, the bright colorings of curtains and surrounding walls also play another important part in enhancing good feng shui energy at home. Many homes are fitted with dark windows and darkened glass doors, making our home look more like a tomb than a space suitable for living. Go for brighter, lighter or pastel shades when you choose furniture, decorate your house or paint the walls.

Keep Your House Well Ventilated

Having good ventilation is another key to creating a home with good feng shui. This means you should avoid keeping your glass door and windows frequently shut due to switching on air conditioners, as this only serves to make your home absent of good ventilation.

Having the air conditioner providing cold air in rooms only worsens the atmosphere of good energy, thus creating bad feng shui. Remember, cold air is negative in energy (representing yin energy) and hence, too much of it becomes bad for establishing good feng shui in the house.

Unfortunately due to our hot and humid weather, many have to switch on the air conditioner at home and in the office. In ancient times, there were no air conditioners available because the weather in those days was fine and cooling while the air was still fresh and pure.

No doubt, the times have changed and oftentimes, we are in a dilemma whether to observe all these ancient situations. The practice of good feng shui these days is extremely difficult and remote because the conditions change, the times change and our living styles change.

Even so, with the proper knowledge and the right application of feng shui principles, we can go along with the changes while adhering to natural feng shui practices with the forces of Yin and Yang balanced as much as possible.

Final Thoughts on Home Feng Shui

Nowadays, most geomancers are commercialized and money making business. True and good feng shui masters are difficult to find due to a lack of spiritual knowledge in understanding the correct philosophy of feng shui.

A good feng shui practitioner must first master the flow of Tao in his mind, heart and body. Upon attaining the wisdom of Tao can only then exercise the knowledge of feng shui. The balancing of nature and harmonizing the surrounding atmosphere is the true essence of good feng shui.

Not sure how to tackle the subject of feng shui for your home? Our Temple of Gratitude Poh Ern Si Penang is here if you ever need practical advice or seek consultation on matters of feng shui – feel free to contact us with your questions!

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