The Practicality of Buddhism: Is it the Teaching That’s Impractical, or You?

Reading Time: 8 minutes In both the Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, it is always emphasised that propagation of the Buddha way is beyond boundaries (Hokkien: Hood Huat Boo Phee). What does it mean? Simply put, in whatever ways we practise, so long as it is within the scope of the Dharma teachings, you are within the correct path inContinue reading “The Practicality of Buddhism: Is it the Teaching That’s Impractical, or You?”

The Underestimated Power of Prayers

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to religion, prayers are one of the core aspects not to be missed. But are you aware of what prayers can truly do? Do you fully understand the power prayers can manifest? We will discuss this in simple terms here. Prayers in Buddhism: Sutras & Mantras In Buddhism, the term “prayer” refersContinue reading “The Underestimated Power of Prayers”

7 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself in Adopting A Correct Path to Buddhism

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you think you know how to practise Buddhism the right way? Let us discuss on this subject. When it comes to Buddhism, many Buddhist laities seem to proclaim their deep understanding on the way of life as outlined by Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Having read hundreds of Buddhist books, debating back andContinue reading “7 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself in Adopting A Correct Path to Buddhism”

Understanding the Proper Ways to Right Cultivation in Buddhism

Reading Time: 5 minutes When approaching the subject of Buddhism and right cultivation, you will find there are many differing opinions from many different people, be it among Buddhist laities, practitioners and teachers. But which one is the right way? What can we do to properly understand the correct cultivation concepts? Here, Lord Buddha, also revered to as theContinue reading “Understanding the Proper Ways to Right Cultivation in Buddhism”


Reading Time: 2 minutes INTRODUCTION: PRACTICAL WAYS  OF ENHANCING SPIRITUAL GROWTH OVER DISASTERS Generally, most Buddhists are already mindset and they only practise  formalities in following the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Right from the beginning, most of the religious leaders and teachers  as well as spiritual masters are engrossed with raising funds for more magnificent temples or renovations of moreContinue reading “AMITABHA BUDDHA: PROTECTION OVER THE NATURAL DISASTERS”

The final steps toward a successful spiritual cultivation

Reading Time: 7 minutes Once our spiritual training is steady and firm, then it is easier to go further into spiritual cultivation because we have already established a strong foundation in our moral values and virtuous deeds. When our mind and body is filled with radiation of respect for others, obedient in laws and orders and discipline within ourselves,Continue reading “The final steps toward a successful spiritual cultivation”

Be prepared in anticipation of Three World Disasters

Reading Time: 2 minutes Matreiya Bodhisattva has already descended to this world, preaching the basic requirements of spiritual training and cultivation of oneself in preparation for the cleaning up of this world population. Many Buddhists especially those old mind-set Devotees would always dispute the arrival of Matreiya Bodhisattva, claiming it was written in Buddhist scriptures that Matreiya Buddha wouldContinue reading “Be prepared in anticipation of Three World Disasters”

Blessed One’s farewell message

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Blessed One’s era is ending on this Wesak Day,28 May 2010 and Maitreiya Bodhisattva is taking over after 28 May 2010.Maitreiya bodhisattva has already descended into this Earth world since January 2010 to rejuvenate Earth people to become more humane,caring,helpful and compassionate in order to equip ourselves with better knowledge,proper guidance and correct cultivation.ThisContinue reading “Blessed One’s farewell message”

2nd Sermon

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this sermon,the Blessed One touches on the topic of spiritual training (in Hokkien words:Siew Lian). First of all,what is spiritual training?Spiritual training means cultivating ourselves to become more humane and mindful.With real spiritual training,one would automatically have good conduct. Next,why must we undergo spiritual training?Well,spiritual training can slowly eradicate our sensual desires and graduallyContinue reading “2nd Sermon”