What Is Spiritual Vibration and How It Affects Our Life

What Is Spiritual Vibration and How It Affects Our Life featured image - Poh Ern Si Buddhist Blog
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You may have learnt about vibration in science, but did you know vibration actually affects many aspects of our life? Also known as qi or chi, vibration or more specifically termed, spiritual vibration, is divided into good and bad vibrations, and having the correct knowledge of vibration may help you navigate and resolve obstacles happening in your life, for instance, creating a good feng shui house layout.

In this article, we will help you understand what is spiritual vibration about, how it affects us, and how to increase good vibration within us.

What Is Spiritual Vibration?

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In all our surroundings and atmosphere, there is a wave of vibration emitting around us regardless it is a living thing or non-living thing. As humans are part of living things on this earth, there is no exception that every human being is invisibly radiating a ray of vibration upon coming into contact with anyone.

How to determine whether this vibration is good or bad will depend solely on every individual’s ability to resist the temptation of indulging in vices or unwholesome actions, which will affect one’s vibration to become bad.

On the contrary, if one has learnt the wisdom of knowledge from past good exposures and wide experiences with all the strict discipline and respect to others as well as obedience to law and order, will definitely possess a very good vibration within us. Of course, vibration is invisible and only can be perceived through special training of our mind, heart and body in detecting such fine energy of forces.

Vibration is actually a form of invisible energy emitting from our body and it is present in everyone’s body regardless of whether we are good or bad. Even spiritual masters, trained teachers and philosophers also have vibration, especially those highly evolved ones who have already attained sainthood or Nibbanaship or even Pureland realm status will emit an extremely bright, glowing and pure vibration.

Brigands, thieves, scammers, robbers, gangsters and all other vice undertakers will strongly radiate a bad and evil stench kind of vibration. However, it is not easily noticed by anyone who is an ordinary entity and does not possess any special power of psychic, telepathy or clairvoyance to perceive these invisible spiritual vibrations. Only a trained and successful cultivator could detect the presence of good or bad vibration.

How to Raise Good Spiritual Vibration Within Us

If we will come to our realization that good vibration is necessary for our ideal way of living, then we should adopt ways that can help us increase our inner positive spiritual vibration. Some of the ways on how to increase good vibration within us:

Chant Sutras and Mantras

One of the best yet easiest actions to increase spiritual vibration within ourselves is to inculcate the habit of good culture in our daily chanting of sutras and mantras. Chanting of sutras and mantras with the correct rhythm and proper focus of objects will help one to increase their inner energy, which in turn produces one’s good vibration.

Of course, it takes time to develop such good effects and raising spiritual vibration goes along with our patience, endurance, determination and perseverance. Nothing is ever fruitful if we do anything in haste and impatiently practice it to achieve our objectives.

Masters and great musicians take years and years to practice in order to come to their final achievements of attaining enlightenment and refined composers of music and conductor of music. Even so, it is important to take the first step to make the incantation practice a consistent daily habit – we all have to start somewhere.

Calm the Mind Through Contemplations and Meditations

Another equally important step to acquiring good vibration of our body is constantly training our mind to become calm, serene and tranquil through contemplations and meditations. Again it takes years and years of practice to harvest our good vibrations in our body.

Through years and years of pondering and reflections on our life, we will gain inner peace of mind and body, and eventually, the light of pure radiation will finally emit from the body. No one can easily notice our achievement unless one is a trained, successful cultivator with the ability to perceive such pure vibration through one’s extra sensory power. When one has good vibration all over his body, then one can be assured of good health and gain a shining star.

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Causes of Bad Vibration

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Unfortunately, in today’s world, we will be alarmed by the vast population of people who possess bad vibrations all over their bodies through acts of unknowingly engraving fancy tattoos, which give bad energy, or wearing black dresses or clothing. These may seem like trivial things, but they are what lowers spiritual vibrations.

Another source of creating bad spiritual vibration in body is simply being obsessed with wearing bad energy amulets, which many people think these amulets could give the wearer spiritual protection or safety passage in movements. The concept of wearing of amulets without the proper knowledge of the do’s and don’ts is one of the most common misperceptions among Buddhists.

The golden rule in wearing any good amulet that could produce good vibration is solely through receiving the gift of pure amulet from an abbot of a temple or from spiritual teachers. No pure good vibration of any amulet could be obtained from any purchase of an amulet shop. It has to be natural in receiving it.

Apart from amulet wearing, there are also many others emitting bad vibrations from their body due to the possession of learning black magic or bad cult practices. Wherever they go, these black magicians will always carry the unmistakable odour of bad vibration.

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The Cause and Effect of Vibration and the Pandemic

In recent times, there was an outbreak of Covid-19 virus or the coronavirus claiming many lives due to infections of the virus. This pandemic could have been easily contained if the authorities believe in spreading the importance of hygiene through not only the cleanliness of washing hands but including the feet and the face whenever we are back from any outing.

Apart from that, from a spiritual point of view, this toxic virus comes from the contamination of deadly animals decaying in the streets, wet markets or parks. When these decaying carcasses are not properly cleaned up, then viruses are set to multiply and infect human beings especially when most humans are gourmet eaters who like to try anything new, such as bat meat, snake, dog, cat and rabbit even though these animals are not meant for commercial consumptions.

In order to prevent anyone from losing their lives or being easily infected by this virus and any new virus that may spread in the future, it is advisable not to consume any four-legged animal meat such as beef, mutton, lamb and even pork as these animals have a strong stench of odour that tends to attract evil viruses to come into contact with us.

Of course, there is no proof of this spiritual thesis to hold any water but then so does the belief in God which carry a similar situation of no solid evidence of its existence. However, remember that just because we cannot see a direct tangible form of evidence, it does not mean the thesis is not true, but just that we do not have the right ability or tool to witness its manifestation, especially when many of us are still severely lagging behind in our spiritual cultivation.

Some may wonder, why is the pandemic even happening, and at such a large scale, especially when today’s medical technologies are very much advanced compared to the past? The pandemic is a real-time demonstration of cause and effect – the more blood we shed to Earth from mindless killing to satisfy our meat cravings, the greater the karmic effect that ripens in the form of widespread virus infections.

Also, until humans on Earth firmly believe in practicing simplicity in eating, moderation in living and developing an attitude of humility, we are unlikely to contain any of these viruses coming into our world again, multiplying and cross-breeding with even tougher, stronger virus strains which eventually will ruin this world.

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At present, we could witness people craving to eat all kinds of meats so badly in every meal they consume that culminates in the huge slaughtering of all these four-legged animals to cope with the ever-increasing consumption of these harmful meats. More killing of animals for their meat means more blood spilling into the rivers and oceans, ultimately creating a terrible, chilling effect of huge bad energy and vibration.

This is the same bad energy and vibration that will then permeate our atmospheric surroundings, eventually affecting our health and peaceful living negatively, thus making us stay in this endless vicious cycle of bad chi unless we humans make an effort to break the chain by reducing such great meat consumption.

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If we were to take a careful look at our world in existence, we would be taken aback by all these comparisons to our ancient times when no such incidents of pandemics occurred at all. It is only after the First World War from 1914 onwards that virus pandemics started to rear their ugly heads in our human existence due to the bad effects of too many killings occurring during the First World War.

At that time, many dead bodies were piled up without any burial and this caused the eventual spreading of diseases and viruses coming into contact with our human existence. It was the beginning of our virus pandemic killing millions of people till today.

Presently, this pandemic is still unabated and will keep multiplying with all kinds of strain types till the entire world will be reduced to half of the total population. Only then the people will reduce their consumption of meats since the population has already dwindled, causing less demand and consequently less killing of animal meats for consumption.

Striking A Healthy Balance Towards A Better Positive Vibration in The World

It is a myth to believe our humans on this earth are supposed to be great meat eaters nor is it correct to think we should be lifetime vegetarians – these are among the greatest misconceptions in the world today. As omnivores, we should adopt a healthy balanced diet by eating some meats and vegetables while practicing simple meals, having moderation in our eating habits as well as living in a humble abode.

Sadly, this is not the way humans are living these days with all kinds of luxurious meats and even exotic meals which are not meant for human consumption but merely to fulfill the curiosity of tasting exotic meats for pleasure. Furthermore, present generations of people eat almost five times a day with every meat in their meals and causing a huge slaughtering of animals in coping with the demand.

Lastly the ever glamour splashing of their luxurious apartments and bungalow residence will create a spilling effect of clearing the forests and jungles to soothe the demands of the modern generations of people needs. This will result in deforestation and the clearing of hills and mountains leading to instability of the earth and the eventual soil erosions and the aftereffect of tsunami due to the reclamation of the sea for more land.

The only way to overcome any future calamity, disaster or pandemic is to restructure our human needs to adopt simple living, moderation in our needs and lastly stay humble in life.

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